Friday, July 5, 2013

Bits of Betsy {Did you know my mom is a teacher too?}

I have an exciting announcement! Drum roll please.....

What's Bits of Betsy you are probably asking? Well let me tell you! My mom {Betsy}, who is a 2nd grade teacher is going to be guest blogging here every once in a while. She has been teaching for 36 years. She's taught 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. She has tons of wonderful ideas that she would love to share with you! So...without any further ado here's Bits of Betsy:

Hey Chickies, 

This is my first time as a guest blogista on All That Glitters in First Grade.

I teach a 2nd/3d grade loop and love it. Kelly is my daughter and I love to "steal" her ideas and I have some that she has taken from me. This is one my favorite activities involving place value, smallest, and largest numbers.

Place Value Pizzazz

Here are 0-9 Cards to print for the activity, or you may use your own number cards. I do this activity small group. First deal two cards to each student. Tell the students to lay their cards down face up. Ask students who can make the largest number or smallest number? You can also deal out three cards and see who can lay down the largest three digit number.

{Here's a little sneak peak at what the cards look like. When you click the link (0-9 Cards) there is also an ink saver version (black/white)!}

Variation-Lay out three cards face up to each student. Ask...Who has the largest digit in the ones place, or tens place, or hundreds place? 

With more advanced students have them make four of five digit numbers! 

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I recognize that picture :) Glad to see that you got your mom into blogging too!

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