Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beach Day

We had a blast today doing fun activities with a beach theme. I think the highlight of the day was going outside with our beach towels and reading in the sun for a bit. My students had fun doing beach theme number stories that I snagged for free on TpT thanks to Faith Wheeler. Click here to download a copy... {Number Stories}I also purchased Amy Lemon's Swimming Into Summer {Summer-themed Literacy Centers} for beach day. I assembled a little beach day snack for my firsties while they were in art class...

All you need are vanilla pudding cups, teddy grahams, mini umbrellas, and crushed Nilla Wafers {yum!} I can't wait till summer comes and I can go to the beach {for real!}

Monday, May 28, 2012

Eight Days...

I can't believe there are only eight days left (not counting weekends) of school! This year has most certainly flown by super fast. One of the things I LOVE to do with my students is when I set aside an afternoon to play a review Jeopardy game with a Minute to Win It twist. I've included some of my favorite Minute to Win It games and how I play the review game here....

I hope the games and my directions on how to play make sense. If not, just ask! Also...what fun things do you like to do with your kiddos during those last few days?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

I created some ice cream clip art a little while back and didn't have a clue with what I was going to do with it until now...

Some of my firsties need a little extra practice with abc order, so I thought this would be a fun and yummy activity to do before the end of the year. You can get your copy by clicking here......

Also, feel free to download a copy of my Ice Cream Clip Art from Teachers Pay Teachers. My terms of use is included in the download. :) 

Happy Sunday! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Little Saturday Freebie

The school year is almost over...June 7th is my last day! My first graders are getting a bit squirmy. So my hope is that this new freebie I created will help!

Click here to get it for FREE! {Addition Dash}

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A little Math {Freebie}

The end of the year is quickly approaching. My firsties have learned lots of addition strategies this year like...using a number line, number grid, base 10 blocks, and others. We started adding 2 digit numbers, so I started teaching my students the partial sums method. It's a nifty little way in our math series to add 2 digit numbers...I feel that using a number grid to add 2 digit numbers can be a painfully long process and mistakes can easily be made. Here's a little strategy poster I made to illustrate the partial sums method. I've also made a blank one too. I'm going to laminate the blank one for re-use. You can get the posters by... 

Enjoy & Happy Mother's Day to my fantastic mom and all of the other moms out there! :) 

Monday, May 7, 2012

A {Humongous} Thank You & a Freebie!

Happy Teacher Appreciation week everyone!

I was totally blown away yesterday by the amount of people who downloaded my Valentines Day Math Centers freebie yesterday! I absolutely LOVED reading all of the comments and getting lots of great freebies myself.   I enjoyed visiting new blogs and TpT stores yesterday {so fun}. Thank you to all of the sellers yesterday who posted freebies yesterday! 

With the Teacher Appreciation Jackpot going on, I didn't get a chance to post some of the things my firsties did last week. We worked on my Antonym Ants Picnic Freebie. My kids had so much fun coming up with antonyms. 

The next day, I wrote on notecards some antonyms that weren't on the ants they made. Then, I passed out the word cards. Students had to find the other student with their matching antonym. Next, they created a poster illustrating their antonyms. Here's a picture....

We were also working on fractions. I found this super cute idea... fraction cupcakes from Jen R at The Teacher's Caulderon. I happen to have a star hole puncher and thought those would make super cute sprinkles.

And... last but not least, here's the freebie that I mentioned in my post title... I created a little freebie response activity to go along with one of my favorite poems "Bleezer's Ice Cream" by Jack Prelutsky. The poem contains several newly invented ice cream flavors like Tuna Taco Baked Potato. After reading the poem, students can invent their new flavor of ice cream on the response sheet and color in the ice cream to show what it looks like in the cone. This poem is a favorite every year! You can get it by Clicking Here {Bleezer's Poetry Response}

Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ChA-cHiNg! {Teacher's Appreciation Jackpot!}

I'm pleased to announce a spectacular even that will be happening this Sunday, May 6th, thanks to these amazing bloggers: Adrianne from The Tutor House, Laura from Corkboard Connections, and April from A Modern TeacherIt's the... {drum roll please}

Well it's almost midnight and I'm ready to announce my freebie...

Click here to get it: Valentine Math Centers 
{This is my best selling item on TpT!}

Here's the 411: 

In appreciation for all of you wonderful educators out there, over 130 bloggers will be giving away one free item from their TpT store on this day. All free downloads will be valued between $3 and $8. So, that means that there are over $600 worth of freebies to snatch up on Sunday, May 6th

Woah! Amazing right? 

There are three different "jackpots" based on grade levels and here they are...

All you need to do is visit these links on Sunday, May 6th. Each of these fabulous bloggers will have links to all of the available freebies on the various blogs. 

If you look below, you will find links to PreK-2nd grade blogs that are offering free items on Sunday.


I'm also running a sale at my TpT store from May 6th-8th. All of my items will be 20% off with an additional 10% when you use the promo code listed above. Oodles of other sellers will be participating in this sale...happy shopping! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ice Cream {Freebie}

I'm just doing a quick little post to let you know that I just upload a new clip art freebie to TpT. Yay!

Hopefully it will inspire you to create something absolutely wonderful! If you end up creating something with this little clip art set, I would love for you to send me a link to your store so that I can check it out. 

Also...I have a one item sale going on in my TpT store until Saturday in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. My Fiesta Fun! {Math & Literacy Mini Pack}is now only $2. I can't wait to use some of the activities with my firsties on Friday. I also found a cute little book called Cinco De Mouse-O by Judy Cox to read to my kids. 

Cinco De Mouse-o!