Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bloggers by State

I came across something really sweet on a new blog I discovered today thanks to Apples and Papers . Swing by Fifth in the Middle to link up your blog by state. I'm so excited to get to know other bloggers  from Michigan. 

Go link up and find other bloggers from your state! 

Have a great night! 


Jessica said...

Yeah for finding Michigan bloggers! Glad you joined.

Apples and Papers

The Cozy Classroom said...

Yay, I am so glad to have found other Michigan bloggers!! I am your newest follower, swing on by my blog if you get a chance.


Andrea said...

So glad you are sharing this! It's neat to see where each blogger is located! Joining now!

Andrea (fellow midwesterner-Illinois)
Cheers To School

Andrea said...

Also, I mentioned your blog in my post! :)

Jennifer Reck said...

Yay for Michigan bloggers!! I found you through Fifth in the Middle! I'm so glad I did. Your blog looks like a treasure trove!
Owl Things First

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