Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blend Bling & Groupon for Educators?

Looking for a way to teach your readers about beginning and ending blends? Check out the bling friends. Blend Bling that is...

On each necklace there is a blend to trace, blend picture and words going around the edge that have that particular blend. I've also included blend cards to help students learn the sound the blend makes before they create their blend bling. All you need are scissors, yarn/string, and coloring tools (crayons, colored pencils, highlighters...etc.) to create each bling. 

Who loves Groupon? I have to admit I have the app, but have yet to purchase anything off of there. Anyways, thanks to Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies I've found out about educents.

Educents will offer educational products at 30-90% off. If you sign up now you will get a free $15 gift card for when they launch on April 2nd. I can't wait to see what goodies they will have!

to sign up and get your gift card. 


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

I think educents will be great! Thanks for the shout out!
First Grade Blue SKies

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