Friday, April 6, 2012

Buggy Fun {with a freebie & a giveaway}

Whew... spring break is flying by! I've been spending time working on my master's class, having some fun...


Going to Winter Jam  and hearing a bunch of great bands for only 10 bucks! What a deal! This is the last band on the line up...Skillet. They put on a great show with their musicians on moveable stands, and their drummer on a rotating platform and fire that burst out too! We were close enough to feel the heat. CrAzY! 

That was Sunday night and then on Monday I headed off to Chicago for some shopping fun with my mom and delicious Snickers cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. 

Then, yesterday it's been a tradition to take the youth group to Lake Michigan. It was in the forties yesterday and very windy, but the sunset was beautiful!

Now to the freebie...before starting my spring break I posted a new unit on TpT called: Ladbugs & Other Insects: {Math and Literacy Fun!} I can't wait to use it with my firsties. We'll be reading lots of books about ladybugs and doing a little writing craftivity from the pack. 

I found some great fiction ladybug books too and one of them is ...

The Very Lazy Ladybug

Anyways, I have some freebies posted here: Lazy Ladybug Freebies {just click the link!} that you can check out to go with this book.

I hope that you'll be able to use these in your classroom! Now to the giveaway part...I'm going to giveaway my newest unit:

Click here to check out all of the goodies in it here: Ladybugs & Other Insects {Math & Literacy Fun!}

To enter just follow my blog and tell me your favorite creepy crawly {bug}! I'll choose a random winner on Easter Sunday afternoon and leave your email address too! :)


Jessica said...

I follow you!! My favorite creep crawly is those bees for the honey they make for us. :)

Apples and Papers

Rachel said...

My daughter's birthday party last month had a Ladybug theme! Love the red and black! I also like butterflies!


Keys4Education said...

I follow your cute blog and I LOVE creepy crawly buggies. Each makes such a big impact on our lives. I love caterpillars, butterflies, and yes, even spiders. :o)

jennkeys @ gmail . com

Cathy Irwin said...

I follow you! I am good with anything that is NOT a spider. I would probably have to go with a stickbug for my favorite though.

Cathy I.
Mrs. I's Class

zputty said...

I do follow your blog.

I would say a praying mantis is one of my favorites - even after 100s of them hatched in my classroom when I taught further south!

Andrea said...

I follow your blog :)

I think I like ladybugs best. Those are the only bugs that I am not afraid of!

Mrs. Richling said...

I follow your blog!! I can't say I really like any of the creepy crawlies, but I will say I like ladybugs the most out of all of them!


Delighted said...

I follow your blog.

Bugs scare me! I'm not particularly fond of any of them... but ladybugs are awfully cute!

First Grade Delight

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

I follow you and I like caterpillars pretty
First Grade Blue Skies

Suzy Q said...

I like fireflies the most.

tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

Rachel Seymour said...

I'm your newest follower! Sounds like you've had a great Spring Break!

I just tagged you on my blog...head on over there to check it out and grab a freebie while you're there! :)


Tessa said...

TAG! I tagged you in the interview game. I'd love it if you'd participate. I love your blog!

Tales from Outside the Classroom TAG

Kelly said...

Thanks Tessa! I'm headed over to check it out right now. :)

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