Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm back...{with a non teaching related post}

So, I realized that it has been a l.o.n.g time since I posted. {whoops!} I just got back last night from Bogota, Colombia. I was there for a week with a team of 15 others on a mission trip. We went their to help out with some ministry projects through a local church and to teach a VBS style camp at an orphanage for 4 days. We had an amazing time sharing God's love with the children at the orphanage and helping out with ministry projects. If you want to view some pics and more information about our trip, you can visit the Colombia 2012 blog. Unfortunately, only half of the team were able to make it back yesterday.

Long story of them were detained with her four adopted children (3 are Colombians). Her husband left a day early and they were told the paper work they had arranged was sufficient for her to get through immigration in Colombia alone with the children. However, this was not the case. They wouldn't accept it and they also wouldn't let her contact the embassy. The only choice they had was to leave the airport after they began to ignore her. Her father, mother, and sister stayed behind too because they didn't want her to be alone with the four kids. Her husband is going to have to fly back to Colombia to straighten this out. They have flights for Wednesday night. The airline would not switch out their flights so they had to pay for new ones. If they aren't able to get out on Wednesday's flight they will have to wait until July 6th, which is the next available flight. Right now they are waiting until the embassy opens tomorrow and for her husband to fly down. I would appreciate you prayers for them. Please pray for a speedy resolution to this and for the funds to cover their new flights :) Thank you! 


Dani Patterson said...

I am sorry to hear all this!! Prayers!
I am your new blog follower! Many prayers!
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